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The strength of the TTW Legal Law Firm is many years of experience that pays off in taking quick and accurate actions. Any new draft bills are immediately analysed in detail so that we can ensure the provision of top quality services in advance of their entry into force.

Our Clients can count on our full support in the selection of investment model and optimisation, licensing proceedings, review and negotiations of sectoral agreements and market recommendations regarding technology and energy trading. We provide advice also on matters related to environmental protection, optimal installation design and effective acquisition of funding. Moreover, the effectiveness of our actions results from the ability to make a legal analysis based also on European law provisions and the resulting business trends.

It must be emphasised that TTW Legal Law Firm is one of very few entities equipped to provide comprehensive services regarding the whole renewable energy support scheme. With us, investors who want to obtain the necessary support in the field of RES-based energy production do not have to personally participate in numerous formal procedures that are required on this quite specific regulated market.

Apart from the effectiveness resulting from our broad experience in providing comprehensive legal services for RES projects, the lawyers of TTW Legal Law Firm are also known for the preparation and implementation of the concept of innovative legal solutions for the RES sector in Poland, used in practice in the applicable statutory legal acts.

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We provide comprehensive support in the following energy-related fields: law, finance and technologies.

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