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Long-term instability of energy and gas prices as well as the need to reduce the carbon footprint of entrepreneurs and finally the need to reduce energy purchase costs are today the main business concerns that our offer meets. The energy transition has gained momentum, but because it is based on frequently changing legal regulations and complex policies, our help is needed. As business legal advisors helping to go through the energy transition, we take into account the challenges it brings, but we also see opportunities for additional benefits for our clients. Here's what we offer:

- Help in understanding the opportunities offered by a well-prepared company's energy transition strategy.

- Preparation of analyzes on the directions of energy transition in a specific case.

- Advising on the implementation of activities related to the transition to low-emission or green energy.

- Assistance in the development process of all available renewable energy sources.

- Preparation and management of regulatory risk through monitoring and pre-emptive remedial actions.

- Managing the formal and regulatory side of RES installations during use.

- Assistance in the selection of contractors and partners needed in the RES management process by formally "connecting" the required parties.

- Funding the transition.

- Purchase of projects and existing sources.

Technically, there are 5 areas of our expertise and the scope of our company's offer: biogas and biomethane, photovoltaics, wind energy, gas cogeneration and energy storage.

The lawyers of TTW Law Firm, under the supervision of experts in this industry, Michał Tarka and Dr. Marcin Trupkiewicz, support their clients starting from the stage of investment preparation, financing and entering the support system, through the preparation of an individual revenue planning model, to the purchase or sale of projects and built installations.


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